Jago was motivated to establish his own practice as he felt that non-profit clients were often given a poor service by established executive search firms. Lower fee levels in the non-profit sector have necessitated the pursuit of volume at the expense of quality. This means an over-reliance on databases and passive candidate identification strategies; and it has led to a fragmentation and dilution of client service - the consultant who sells the work often has very limited involvement in its delivery. When a client is paying an executive search firm for its insight and judgement at every stage of an appointment process, this is not good enough.


Inspired by the low-volume, high-quality model of the boutique executive search firms serving listed company boards, Jago's practice is built upon a commitment to offering rigour and creativity, combined with flexibility and informality. His varied background gained working across sectors allows him to offer clients a bespoke, efficient and discrete service. By working for fewer clients and handling all stages of the appointment process, he can offere a level of service unmatched by the established non-profit exeuctive search firms.

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